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Heritage Sites map & Legend

The numbers on the Map refer to the 13 Heritage Sites listed below.

1) Red Mountain Ski Area
2) Red Mountain Mining Sites
3) Red Mountain Railway Bed

4) Rossland Swimming Pool
5) Father Pat Monument
6) Rossland Tennis Courts 
7) Happy Valley Orchard
8) Columbia Cemetery
9) Columbia & Western Railway Bed
10) Calvary Cemetery 
11) Trail Wagon Road
12) Chinese Gardens
13) Dewdney Trail

north western part of Rossland
southern slopes of Red Mountain
Northport to western Rossland

Columbia Avenue
Columbia Avenue
access off Park Street
Happy Valley - north eastern Rossland
Happy Valley
Rossland to Warfield, Lower Rossland
Trail Wagon Road, Lower Rossland
Esling Drive to Warfield
south eastern Rossland
south eastern Rossland
A) The Louie Joe Interpretative Signage
B) The Wagon Road Interpretive Signage