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An Inventory of Rossland’s heritage homes was done in 1983 by two university students who gathered information and took pictures of homes that were constructed during Rossland’s gold mining era - 1895 to 1929.  In 2013 this
Inventory was electronically formatted using a revised template, new pictures were taken, some more information gathered and “Rossland’s Heritage Homes” was published in hard copy.  The Inventory is now included on this website for your interest.  
    The homes featured in this book vary in terms of condition, grandeur, style and the degree of alterations to their original integrity.  Most were constructed at least a hundred years ago and together they reflect the diversity of family homes in Rossland and an important aspect of the early social fabric of our community.
    Restoration efforts and alterations are part of the home scene is Rossland - changes are constantly in the works.  Some homes have been missed in this Inventory and for some homes listed, we have very little information.  Our “Heritage Homes in Rossland” is a work in progress - new information is always appreciated by the Heritage Commission for inclusion.   
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Upper Earl 2066 st
Upper Earl 2088 st.
 Rossland Heritage Homes- Upper Earl Neighbourhood

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