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Rossland Cemetery

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Rossland Cemetery

    The Columbia Cemetery in Happy Valley was opened in late 1899 as the City’s official public cemetery.  Over 1000 Rosslanders have been buried in this cemetery since that time with burial records kept until the 1960’s.  Monuments and plaques tell us of further burials although there are no records. The Columbia Cemetery was officially closed in 1985.   
    “Cemeteries of Rossland” published by the Rossland Heritage Commission has the complete history of the Columbia and Calvary (Catholic) cemeteries and has information about the Laurel Hill, Sunnyside and Berg cemeteries.
    The Database that follows gives information about the people known to have been buried in the Columbia Cemetery.  The burial permit template lists 17 fields of information.   Unfortunately, the location of the burial plots was not always fully completed by the City at the time of issuing the burial permit. Despite exhaustive research we still don’t know where approximately 100 people are buried but their other personal information has been recorded. The link also provides the location of the burial plots.

Use this link to download the Cemetery Database PDF. The PDF is in a zip archive, double-clicking the zip file will open it, then double-click the pdf. 

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